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Dry Bulk System (P-tanks, Pipes, Valves, Hoppers)

Traditionally offshore units are provided with a set of pressure vessels (P-tanks) as a bulk handling system. Such a system uses dry bulk tanks to load, store and offload the dry bulk cargo.

Down time caused by malfunctioning dry bulk systems directly influences penalties accrued to the operator. Blockages, stuck valves, water-condensate and contaminated dry bulk will cause barge engineers and marine staff to declare these costly matters to be an emergency.

Offshore Support Services (OSS) specialises in the maintenance, cleaning and refurbishment of entire systems. From periodic cleaning, descaling and servicing of the pipeline to the rebuilding of in-line valves, P-tank spider valves, flutter valves, NDT and corrosion control. Almost all of these services are available offshore through our experienced technicians, from silos to hoppers. Down time of the system is minimalized through a unique descaling/cleaning system and performed during off-peak cementing/barite times.

The recovery units are installed in-situ, offshore.

Our marine industry dry bulk systems solutions

  • Rotational brushing of entire piping system
  • Pipe descaling
  • Blockage clearance
  • Valve service, repair & replacements
  • P-tank interior complete descale & clean
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT)
  • Discharge bulk recovery

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