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Laundry Extraction System

Whenever coveralls, towels and bedding are washed and dried in a Laundry, large amounts of fibre and dust is generated. This is vented into the laundry extract system, where a significant proportion of this material can get through the filters and settle on the inside of the extract duct. This reduces the area in your vents leading not only to less efficient removal of the hot, moist air, but also to a significant fire risk.

It is surprising how often laundry extraction systems catch fire!

These extraction systems are designed to remove the hot, moisture-laden air from dryers and exhaust it outdoors through the bulkheads. This hot air is filled with lint particles that, over time, deposit inside the duct, especially within the bends and elbows of the duct. Lint can stack up until it is several inches thick.

Should a lint build-up occure there is every possibility that an explosive combination of flammable material in an enclosed space and oxygen easily permeates to it. Build-up of lint can also lead to blockages within the extraction system, putting a load on the extraction fan which could lead to blown motors and increased energy consumption.

Lint build-up is hazardous in laundry extraction systems Footage of lint build-up in laundry systems Marine industries laundry system ducts that require professional cleaning

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