Offshore support background
Professional marine industry maintenance and cleaning service
Offshore Support maintenance services
HVAC & Ducting
  • Ductwork Fabrication, Modification & Repair

    Ductwork fabrication modification and repair solutions

    - Custom fabrication of maritime ducting
    - Retro-fit ducting modification
    - Replacement and repair of damaged/rusted ducting in situ
    - Sheet metal square ducting with reducers / elbows
    - Spiral FlexiDuct
    - Custom diffuser distribution panels

  • Ducting Cleaning & Sterilisation

    Ducting cleaning and sterilisation solutions

    - Indoor air quality measurement and consultation
    - Removes accumulated biological hazards
    - Removes dirt effortlessly, cleanly & effectively
    - Provides efficient balanced HVAC (AHU) system
    - Internal ducting surface sterilised and sanitised
    - Video footage (analyse before)
    - Report afterwards with photo's
    - Certificate (12 months)

  • Ductwork Insulation & Lagging

    Ductwork insulation and lagging solutions

    - Insulation (lagging) for efficiency (hot and cold)
    - Creates exoskeleton with increased stability
    - Seals all leakages effectively and permanently
    - Radiant barrier wrap
    - Discourages internal moisture build-up
    - Minimises conductive heat (cold) loss

Discourages internal moisture build-up

Closeup of moisture build-up

Duct build up that needs maintenance

Marine Industry Offshore Support