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Internal and External Inspection of Pipelines

The inspection and survey of underwater pipelines can be easily completed by ROV’s. Our ROVs carry high torque thrusters which can pull long tether lengths with ease, and can easily out compete other ROVs in their class.

Clients traditionally use ROVs to perform steel storage vessel inspection, corrosion measurements of subsea pipelines, and similar work on support pilings. Our ROVs have a minimum penetration length of 1000m and can have a maximum of 4000m enabling even the longest pipeline to be inspected internally.

Municipal potable water pipelines, desalinisation plants, and reservoir pipes can all be inspected internally enabling us to find the exact area where leaks may occur, potentially saving millions of litres of water.

Oil and Gas Offshore Surveys and Inspections

Remotely operated vehicles, are proving invaluable to the oil and gas industry for a variety of tasks including rig support, vessel-based IMR and construction, intervention and survey.

Our inspection-class ROVs are perfect for a wide range of underwater challenges to depths as great as 1000 metres (3,300 feet).

Offshore applications of our ROV are varied and numerous, including:

Remotely Operated Vehicle Application

  • search and recovery
  • search and recovery
  • offshore engineering
  • pipe inspection
  • salvage operations
  • tank inspection
  • hull inspection
  • diver safety monitoring
  • underwater security

R.O.V. (Remotely Operated Vehicle – Underwater Inspections)

search and recovery search and recovery offshore engineering pipe inspection salvage operations

  • inspection of potable water and deluge tanks
  • marine biosecurity and detection of invasive marine species
  • inshore surveys and inspection
  • underwater forensics and search & recovery
  • marine and port security

Operating the remotely operated vehicle

Underwater view of the remotely operated vehicle

Illustration of the remotely operated vehicle operation

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