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Non Slip Step Solutions

  • Metal checkerboard

    The traditional metal checkerboard and expanded mesh steps traditionally used throughout the maritime industry become slippery when wet, and offer no firm footing, whilst rolling and pitching.

    Given the nature of the offshore industry, a wet surface is expected! It’s not surprising, therefore, to discover that the majority of injuries to crew members on their ascent/ descent via steps are due to an inability to secure adequate footholds!

  • Metal checkerboard

    A simple, ingenious, cost-effective solution (which will help to prevent avoidable accidents) is to clad conventional steps with “bolt-on/bolt-off”, slip-resistant fibreglass covers.

    These durable, lightweight, add-on step covers are bolted universally, to fit all types of decking and stairways, and can be replaced with ease, when worn.

Advantages of marine quality non-slip step solutions

  • Non-slip “add-on” fibreglass strips
  • Durable & light
  • Universally installed on all types of steps
  • Custom made to exact shape and size
  • Replaceable within minutes when worn
  • Firm foothold throughout ascent/descent on steps
  • Eliminates a potential LTA

After the Non Slip is applied it acts as a safety strip

Colour coded non slip step solutions available

Non slip step solution is for all types of steps Metal non slip steps for marine industry on oil rigs ships and naval vessels Low light hazard warning for steps

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