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Professional marine industry maintenance and cleaning service
Offshore Support maintenance services

Refurbishment & Joinery

Teamwork and tailored solutions

We have established a stringent quality control system that covers all activities and processes, up to final delivery and operation of our products, of which most are approved and certified, in line with the latest IMO-SOLAS regulations, and with all major classification societies, including:

  • DNV
  • Lloyds Register of Shipping
  • Germanisher Lloyds
  • Bureau Veritas
  • US Coast Guard
  • ABS


OSS has extensive knowledge in the offshore accommodation refurbishment area, and can undertake any project, from simple décor enhancement, to total refurnishing and redecoration, complete area clearance, and reconstruction.

Our experience and expertise extends from architectural and base services, to management and replacement of grey- and black-water drainage systems, fire and gas, PA systems, and satellite signal distribution networks.

Project management

We manage our own team, as well as all interfaces with clients and their suppliers, to ensure that the project is delivered – not only on time and within budget – but also according to your exact requirements.

We provide all:

  • Project planning
  • Risk assessment
  • Work-pack generation
  • Certification, to ensure minimal risk, during both installation and future operation of the finished project.

Offshore Fire-rated Doors, Bulkhead-panelling And Carpets

We are able to refit offshore facilities with:

• fire doors
• fire-rated bulkhead-panelling
• carpets
• fire-retardant, contemporary office furniture.

Offshore Facility Design And Construction Services

Our wide range of services for offshore facilities includes:

• Architectural design
• Floating ceilings
• Soundproofing
• Flooring
• Fixtures and hardware

Offshore Facility Repair Services

• OSS offers plumbing repairs to wet units and shower blocks.

Refurbishment offerings include:

  • Accommodation
  • Recreation areas
  • Catering& dining facilities
  • Café's & retail outlets
  • Commercial laundries
  • Cabins
  • Wet-units
  • Makeovers & major reconstruction.

Fire Classes & Certificates

All products have been tested according to the latest international regulations and test procedures, are approved by the world’s main certification bodies. Different fire classes are supported.

  • A-class
  • B-class

Service Provider

Offshore Support marine accommodation refurbishment and joinery solutions

We install and take care of;
  • Demolition & disposal
  • All sheet-metal work
  • Fire & thermal insulations
  • Piping
  • Electricity
  • Soundproofing
  • Complete sanitary modules
  • Required furniture
  • Decking & flooring
  • Fire Doors
  • Installation, maintenance and renovation of the mess, galley, dry goods store and cold rooms.

Service Provider

Offshore Support watertight doors hatches plumbing solutions

  • Watertight Doors
  • Hatches
  • Installation and/or maintenance of blower and cooling requirements.
  • Plumbing
  • Cabin supplies
    • - Towels
    • - Bedding example sheets, duvet inter and outers, pillow and pillow cases.
    • - Blankets
    • - Fire Retardant Mattresses
    • - Shower Curtains
  • Duct works - Fabrication & installaion
  • Cleaning duct work
  • Cleaning accommodation
  • Cleaning of engine rooms
  • Wooden decking
  • Sound proofing
  • Insulation and lagging

Water tight hatches for marine industry

Cieling solutions for marine industry

Kitchen installations for marine industry on ships oil rigs and naval vessels

View of Gas lines new oil rigs

Ventilation requirements on marine vessels

Cruise line maintenance plans

Finishing work done to kitchen area on marine vessel

Oiled wooden decking service for marine industry on ships and oil rigs

Marine quality painting and waterproofing service

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