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Sanitary Tubes – Unblock, Service & Fabrication

The servicing of sanitary plumbing (piping linked to waste-elimination from toilets, bathrooms and kitchens) is rendered more complex, due to the offshore situation.

Over time, the efficacy of sanitary tubing can become compromised, as a result of scaling caused by calcium deposits, which reduces pipe diameters, resulting in blocked sanitary lines.

Due to the vulnerable nature of mild steel sanitary tubing, OSS utilises diverse (largely mechanical) methods, to remove physical blockages, and reduce scale and residue.

Marine industry plumbing services and solutions

  • Blockage clearance via mechanic, pneumatic and rotational means
  • High-pressure inner-surface scale removal – water
  • Residue contamination elimination – chemical
  • Replacement of diameter-reduced piping

Sanitary tubes on ship oil rigs and naval vessels Diagram of clog points in toilets Large scale industrial maintenance teams

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